Monday, March 23, 2015

Coni’s Hafted Stone

    Coni DuBois, President, Editor, and Researcher for The Chagum Native American Descendants Association just recently passed along a couple photos to me of an interesting stone. She told me that she “Received this in the mail the other day - sent to my by Eric Chipponi - found in the (Litchfield) Connecticut area many years ago - felt I should have it - no other info - anyone have a idea what it is? Made of a beautiful light green stone~ Reddish/Orange tint to the end of it~ - looking forward to any input as to what it might be or the stone it is made from (not for sale - was a gift)… - was a thoughtful gift - due to my research on the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Village and Native American in area he thought I should have it~ My research can be found at"
    Like they say in the Hair Club commercial, Coni isn’t just the President of the organization, she’s also a member – a Descendant of the People Who Lived at Barkhamsted Lighthouse circa 1740.

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pwax said...

It is a standard type of hafted axe head. It has been scratched many times by the plow.