Saturday, March 07, 2015

Spirit Walls - Northern California

Alyssa RunswithWolves
“In the low lands there are some "pioneer walls" which are clearly different. "Spirit Walls" have a totally different style and feel to them. There's a magic, a playfulness or deliberate beauty worked into them. They have a certain "intention."  

Mt. Shasta in the distance:


Matt Howes said...

Wow, Picture #6. Compare this wall to a wall in Hopkinton, MA., especially Pic's # 5 & 6 (from Hopkinton) to Pic #6 in Northern California- Here is the link from my blog-

Anonymous said...


Those "Chinese coolies" sure were busy! dc.

Tim MacSweeney said...

Matt, similar comments were made by a couple people here (and you will note that one of them is a neara member who will be leading a field trip this coming April: