Wednesday, August 05, 2015

A chiastolite for Matt

I was reading Matt Howes's blog and his mention of crystals reminded me of the chiasolite I found. Curt Hoffman wrote an article about them here and by a very strange coincidence I found one the day after I read his article. 
We had permission from a friend of a friend to dig on their property in Harvard, in a place where an arrowhead had been found [I am told that this same arrowhead is the largest one they have at the Fruitlands Museum]. We went to this spot and spent an few hours digging sandy soil and sieving it through 1/4 inch mesh. In the whole afternoon we did not find a thing but I spotted a shiny pebble and thought it was too polished to be natural, so I slipped it into my pocket without thinking much about it.
Later I was waiting outside a restaurant, felt the pebble in my pocket, and also remembered the Curtis Hoffman article. I thought "you don't suppose...." and took it out of my pocket, reversed it and there it was!
You see the cross ("chias") in green against a black background. These are a rare artifacts. It is not the best example but, then, it was probably removed from a larger rock by hand.


Anonymous said...

rare artifacts?

pwax said...

Yes, when they are found in a New England archeological context as the presumed possession of a person from long ago.

Matt Howes said...

A very beautiful polished stone!

Anonymous said...

Thank you pwax