Saturday, August 01, 2015

Bordeland State Park - 1st visit

I stepped into this woods from the southeast (there is a little parking area) and saw stuff immediately - although the topography is flat and not very promising. You walk in along a dirt road. On the right...
...a little curve of stones,
a split-wedged rock:
On the left, as soon as you come to a low place with water draining (southward) there are big messy piles that are adjacent to large pits that appear to be from sand/gravel quarrying for the road. The big piles look like discards:
But they are adjacent to smaller ones that really look closer to being ceremonial. Eventually, I convince myself that at least some of it might be ceremonial:
Is that internal structure in the larger piles?
Finally, I have no further doubts:
This cluster is within 60 yards of the entrance, on the left. 
Looks like structure to me:
More long messy berms:
More isolated piles, grouped within view of a nice small boulder:
Ceremonial with a backdrop of suburbia:
I am sure I just scratched the surface in this park. I never got to the higher land further west I had been planning on getting to. Saw too much stuff before that.

Yeah....that's structure:
[Blogging from Berkeley CA. I did not see the walls yesterday, although we went looking.]

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Tim MacSweeney said...

Nice stuff - near those Berkely Walls, are you? I hope you locate them. I'm trying to remember if I ever heard back from anyone I tried to contact out there...