Sunday, August 30, 2015

Moose Hill - Sharon

This is a likely looking place on the topo map but turned out to be a well-used woods, mostly dry. I would save energy and not go again.
There were a few interesting walls up along the outcrops. It was too thick to get in, down by the water. It is nice, though, to get to the tops of these Massachusetts hills.


Unknown said...

Peter -
I was contacted (thru MAS) toward the end of June by Richard Kramer, who knows of a "prayer seat" as well as a large cairn up on Moose Hill. He was unable to give me precise coordinates but referred me to the Moose Hill Sanctuary's director, Karen Stein, who has unfortunately not returned my e-mail messages. Perhaps there's more up there than you thought!

pwax said...

I do not doubt it.