Thursday, August 06, 2015

Jay von Werlhof's "Trail of Dreams"

by David S. Whitley
   (Jannie Loubser passed this along to me yesterday, thinking I might be interested. I'm passing it on here to others who also might be interested...)

And after a little surfing around I'll add this:
And this:

Especially because it says, "Quartzite rocks piled into one terrace. Panamint Valley geoglyphs also sometimes have piles of white quartz rocks integrated with the design..."
      "BLM/CEC seem quite intrigued with this archaeological find, and want to know more about it than BrightSource's archaeologists give in their analysis. They conclude that it could be related to some symbolic ritual activity, possibly related to Southwest agricultural users.
     We find it amazing that they would go ahead and license the solar project before fully determining the significance of this site and possible surrounding land use. The archaeological feature would not be destroyed by the project, but it lies within a few hundred feet of the edge of one of the heliostat fields..."
    This too:


pwax said...

Apparently the Panamint Valley is in Eastern CA, east of Fresno

pwax said...

Wow. That is really cool. Especially the complex structure with quartz. I cannot avoid thinking: although different from our sites, there must be a similarity in some of the natural relationships that are enhanced by sites in both New England and CA.

pwax said...

In the last picture, the part labelled "A" looks a lot subtler than "rock ring".

Tim MacSweeney said...

I had almost added that the "rock ring" was very different than most "rings," like tipi rings, that you see...