Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Red Brush Hill, Wrentham

I climbed up hill mostly next to the phone line, then over and down. It seems like I kept seeing a feature consisting of an outline against a boulder. This is a pattern that was familiar already from Borderland State Forest - a bit to the north. So here are examples from Red Brush Hill.
Note the small circle to the left of the larger rock:
Another, different and newer:
(from above)
And another (ain't this pretty?)
(from above, clearly with modern intervention)
It is modern but consistent with older things here.


Unknown said...

this is a nice shot... I already seen some kind of it in some mountains I climb..
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Tim MacSweeney said...

Photos 2 & 3: could a person sit in that little enclosure, resting his or her back up against the bedrock? What would the view be, sitting like that? Reminds me of a little spot like that down in Woodbridge that Curt pointed out to me, perhaps with a NW view (over many stone piles)...