Thursday, September 22, 2016

A weekend of small triangular ground piles (some with quartz)

I've written about small triangular piles several times (see here and here) Sometimes there is a piece of quartz in the pile and sometimes it is at one of the corners of the triangle. So last weekend, I found some in Shirley on Kezar Hill and also in Upton Conservation Land near Grafton. The impression is that not only are these type of piles widespread, they also seem to be fairly old and are among the most decrepit piles that still have some recognizable features.

Last weekend, in Shirley, I went a looking: first down slope to the west of Garrison Rd, then over at the top of the gully running up the northeast side of the hil. Finally I went back to the "V" between Garrison Rd and Townsend Rd to take another look at the piles I know from other there.

I'll just show you one pile from within that "V":
You see a straight line of rocks on the right edge of the pile. Also a piece of quartz near the rear. I am extrapolating to the rest of this pile when I call it "triangular", but I think the triangular shape is pretty clear on these next examples from the Warren Brook area of Upton:
(It may take a moment to see this)
Maybe this one is a stretch but it still looks like a triangle:
 a detail:
Does it make the case? I know how to measure the "triangularity" but I am hoping it's not necessary. You can see the shape plain enough, can't you?
Here are a couple classics, from Blood Hill, Ashby:

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