Friday, September 23, 2016

Quick Report #3 - Site B at Warren Brook Upton

I saw another opening in a wall and went though it hoping to find rock piles. There is one! But it seemed isolated. I took a couple pictures:
This is at the top of a gradual slope leading down-eventually into Warren Brook. A cliff-like outcrop is behind us. The slope with blueberries and a few trees looked empty but it made sense to take a look around anyway. So I headed downhill and quite soon spotted a rectangular pile with a hollow:
And then other large-rocked piles, like the first one I saw.
In the next, noting the large rocks in the foreground, these could be part of the structure. Perhaps this is another rectangle with "hollow".)
Sorry to describe this so hastily. The site is one of those "eerie" places that belongs on the short list of places that are most worth visiting. 

Signs of recent use:
On a nearby knoll, some decrepit piles and these:
These piles would all have been visible from the flat area where there was a rectangle with a hollow. So I regard them as a sort of "satellite" pile. This is quite typical of sites with those kind of rectangles.
What a privilege to get to see this place.

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