Friday, September 23, 2016

Quick Report #2 Site A at Warren Brook

I told you a bit about site "A" in this previous post. A small site, along the slopes of a gully, with triangular piles and a few other things. This is the place with two well-made entrances through the enlcosing walls. Another feature is that the piles at the southern end of the site were taller than at the northern end. I have come to think that a height increase, across a site, indicates that the piles are farther and farther away from where they are viewed. So if this is at one end of the site:
and this is at the other:
But these piles may be way too particular for that conclusion.
I hate to skip nice pictures. Here is my first view of the site, as I was walking along a wall:
Some of the triangles:
Another view of the site (taller piles in not visible in the distance, but in that direction)
I liked this one:
Funny shaped rock. Looks like it was worked. Another little corner:
Here are two beauties:

I note quartz in the wall at another corner of the enclosing walls:

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