Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Coming up

I have more to blog about than time to do it. Found 2 sites in Shirley, and 2 others in Upton. 
(Yes there were some similarities).
Also Upton:
Lucky to find one like that on a weekend. More later.

Mention here and perhaps not again: This is on a height of land, placed similarly to the now destroyed piles on Pratt Hill. That is just one hill away from here. Ultimately the test of Mavor and Dix's idea (that Pratt Hill mounds were horizon markers for the Upton underground chamber) is that other sites either have a similar architecture or do not. For example if no stone chamber is found associated to the piles near the one in the photo above, that suggests the Pratt hill connection was a coincidence. I always believed M&D's claims needed some other examples to be considered valid. I don't know any. 

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