Friday, September 09, 2016

Help needed at the Wissatinnewag Circle Gardens!

From the Nolumbeka Project:
Please join Brent Pitcher, caretaker of the Wissatinnewag gardens, on Saturday, September 10th and Saturday, September 17th,  9am-1pm both days. Tasks may include: preparing the Sweet grass garden for planting and planting the sweet grass, watering, well-digging. Brent can be reached at
            The three sisters and ceremonial tobacco gardens are well underway. Unfortunately, the sweet grass died off. To restore this garden (picture attached), topsoil must be spread, the soil fertilized and then the plants put in. Meanwhile, significant improvements at Wissatinnewag have been made in the last month thanks to generous benefactors,  The driveway was widened, gravel spread and a gravel road now leads to the gardens. Previously, it was all sand and there was always the risk of cars getting stuck. You will see in the background of the picture of the garden requiring attention, the new shed being erected just a few days ago.

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