Friday, September 23, 2016

Quick report #1 - Kezar Hill Gully

[For me a "gully" is a small ravine and a ravine is a narrow steep sided valley.]
See the small blue outline above the word "Kezar" on this map fragment. I walked across a dull flat hill in the direction of the gully and it was only blind luck that I got there at the exact points were a small sub-gully entered the main one and had its own little rock pile site at the top. At the bottom of that same sub-gully there as one more pile that looked slightly different from the ones above.
View down the sub -gully:
The typical piles:
[Looking at the picture, I am a little surprised to see a beer can. We are way out in the woods here, off trail. Maybe something about the landscape leads people to this place.]
This was the best pile. A hint of a vertical side.

Down at the edge of bottom of the main gully, was this last pile:
In person, it looked bigger than the ones up the sub-gully.

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