Saturday, September 02, 2006

Familiar Faces at the Mavor Memorial

Ted Ballard, a woman I do not know, Curt Hoffman, The Martins. Ted is/was the NEARA research committee chair. Curt is the well known New England Archeologist who is interested in Native American stonework. Ted and Fred Martin have done research with Mavor.

Fred Martin going up to speak about his relation to Jim.

Linda McElroy looking at the camera. Linda is\was the chairman of the Acton Land Stewards Committee.
Jim Mavor's son Jimmy, the tall man looking at the camera:
Tom Paul, NEARA's long-time treasurer.I was told that Cheryl Maltais from the Gayhead Wampunoag was going to be there but I do not know what she looks like. There were also many familiar faces from Woods Hole.

Here is a closeup of Curtis Hoffman:

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