Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Pond at the foot of Murray Lane. Harvard, MA

There is some Harvard Conservation Land there - the "Williams Land". On Sunday I walked up along the side of the pond, in a northerly direction uphill into the pine woods and outcrops. I thought I would find more in there than I did but in the end only spotted a couple of badly damaged big piles, a rock-on-rock, and a wedged rock. There were probably a few more split wedged rocks in there if I had felt like cleaning in the cracks the way FFC does. Then I circled around behind and along ... until I came to an outcrop with one beautiful "noble" pile. Maybe the broken down piles I found nearby used to look like this. In more detail:

Walking in along the east side of the pond on a trail, you immediately pass a broken down, large rock pile.

And then up near the highest point of the conservation land there is another:I see signs of internal structure in this, meaning the hint that it might have had an inner chamber.

At another low spot was this wedged rock:
Finally ....on top of an outcrop..., was this nice pile which is built against a boulder:I do not know if this nice pile is of the same style as the one across the pond was, before it was broken down but these are very different piles from what I was calling "marker piles" and reporting on yesterday.

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pwax said...

It is like the ones North of Mink Pond in Concord.