Thursday, September 07, 2006

Freetown Structure From Larry Harrop

by JimP
The Freetown State Forest is located in Fall River, MA and it's 5,441 acres of forested land with more than 50 miles of unpaved roads and trails. Within the forest is the 227-acre Watuppa Reservation owned by the Wampanoag Nation -- a place where annual tribal meetings are held. Also found in the forest is Profile Rock, a 50-foot outcropping handed down by oral tradition as being Chief Massasoit.

Larry Harrop sent me the following photographs of one of the many structures in Freetown State Forest. The following photo shows the structure as Larry first found it.On a subsequent visit Larry removed some of the leaf litter and snow cover, revealing a possible Manitou stone below:Recently Larry returned to the structure and removed even more of the leaf litter. This time even more of the structure was revealed below:
The following photograph gives a closer look at the collection of interesting rocks in front of this niche. Most interesting to me is the use of triangle symbolism at the base of the structure:

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pwax said...

Venturing a guess: this might have originally been a niche and the collection of stones revealed by the cleaning were offerings of some kind placed in the niche.