Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Place on the Wayside - Edgartown, MA

by JimP

Excerpts from MARTHA'S VINEYARD by Henry Franklin Norton. Copyright 1923

- "Hiacoomes came forward and shook the hand of his beloved teacher, and, bursting into tears, placed a white stone at his feet, saying: I put this stone here in your name and whenever I pass, here I shall place a stone in your memory until you return."

- "This monument was a boulder given by the Indians of Gay Head. The Martha's Vineyard Chapter, D. A. R., had a bronze tablet placed on the boulder telling the story of young Mayhew's work and death. Since the dedication in 1901 the greater part of the original pile of stones has been removed by souvenir hunters."

[Click here] to read the entire text. Scroll down about 1/3 for The Place on the Wayside.

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