Thursday, September 07, 2006

More From Bob Miner -- New Features!

By JimP
Some new photos from Bob Miner gives us a new look at a familiar rock pile, and also shows us some new piles not seen before. Above is the huge cairn that we talked about extensively before. It was such a lovely photo of this enormous pile and some of Bob's farm that I just had to share it with all of you.
Above is a rock pile we have not seen before on the blog. Sure looks like a turtle to me.
Above is another large cairn we've not seen before. It is also built at the corner of two stone walls. But there is something very special about this rock pile -- it holds a feature that I personally have never seen built into a cairn before.The above photo shows that special feature. Built into the middle of that large rock pile is this round well-like structure. What was it built for? Did a tree once grow there? Was it put there for offerings? Was there something special on the ground there? What are your theories?

1 comment :

pwax said...

That first picture is worthy of being on a calendar.

At the same time that pile with a hole in it is very curious. I can't imaging what it was for.