Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sheltered Rock On Rock From Bob Miner

by JimP
An interesting feature from the Miner Farm that I had not seen before.


Tim MacSweeney said...

Here I go again:
Is that a beak or eyes on a retracted turtle head, right leg still there (and maybe a stone tool as well) with the other leg now missing?

pwax said...

What is that? I can see why Tim M. asks his question. But could you describe this a little? A hollowed out rock propped up on...? The upper rock looks as if it might have been shaped.

JimP said...

Sorry, I thought the photo was pretty self-explanatory.

It's a small flat-topped boulder, and positioned on top of it is a large rock that has a concave bottom. The rusty coloration of the concavity suggests the possible presence of hematite.

The hollow of the concavity shelters a smaller rock of dark coloration and some kind of unqiue metamorphic composition.

Is it a turtle? Has any of it been shaped? I wouldn't want to speculate.