Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Near Sherry Rd Harvard, MA

Around Sherry Rd in Harvard, MA is one of the areas of highest concentration of rock pile sites. So for my Saturday walk I thought I would explore a piece of woods back in there which I had never been to. In the end I found what might have been a couple of prayer seats, and a couple of new rock piles, but I did not really start seeing things until I got back into a site I found previously. Here, then, are the few things I found before that.

I was walking north through the woods starting where Sherry Rd begins off Rt 111. Followed a ridge with the sounds of Rt 495 to my right. If the trees were not in the way, the views would be to the east. Built into the bedrock of the ridge were a couple of structures. Here is one: You see a couple of placed rocks (behind the hanging vine in the picture).

Here is another:
If you look carefully there are several placed rocks here and they create a sense of enclosure. But if we imagine someone sitting there, they would either be looking at nothing or else looking through the hole underneath the two placed rocks in the foreground.

After this, I continued northward along the same ridge, until it came to an end at a low place with a small brook winding past. There were a couple of very minor modifications to the ridge, like this:
And then along the curve of the brook were two small rock piles, broken down and falling into the brook but still with a little structure left visible.

I notice that each of these piles has one or two chunks of quartz in them. This is a pure and simple site: two rock piles next to a brook, each pile with chunks of quartz.

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