Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More re Timreck and David Lacy - Forest Service rock pile site in VT

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David Lacy is a good guy. I think this site is in Rochester VT and was brought to the attention of the Park Service by Lisa Gannon, NEARA's Vermont State Coordinator. She says that Larry Hancock originally told her about the site.


pwax said...

Provenance of information, the chain of idea ownership, is very important to me. Ironic that this would be part of the scientific tradition rather than the oral-history tradition. Or is it also part of the oral history tradition?

Anonymous said...

Yes, this article focuses on a major cairn site in Rochester, VT. I've been one of the primary investigators of the site, and have found the ledgers kept by the farmer who worked the land from 1847 to 1903; nowhere in them is there any mention of building cairns, so they certainly predate 1847. There are more than 150 stone constructions of various shapes and sizes on the 50+ acre property, nor are these cairns restricted to just this piece of land. Within a 2 mile radius are three other major cairn sites, each of which complements the others. Because of their wide distribution (similar cairn sites also occur in S. Newfane and Stockbridge, VT), we are looking at a common cultural response to the landscape, and one that I cannot equate with 18th or 19th century farming activity.


pwax said...

I did no know it was so extensive