Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Stone Mounds of Weston

I found another site in Weston and will report on it later this week.


Ji Hyang said...

You must be quite nearby--
I work at Wellesley. No rock piles-- except our stone walls-- on campus, but Broadmoor Sanctuary on Rt. 27 has beautiful large boulders which-- if they were not moved into place by the Sanctuary-- would certainly correspond to these other rock piles.
Down the road, there is a plaque memorialising the Nonantum Indians.

I've also found some true rock cairns in Rhinebeck, New York State.

Geophile said...

ji hyang, Is it possible for you to send photos of the Rhinebeck Cairns?

Ji Hyang said...

I'll take some photos this weekend.