Friday, August 17, 2007

Some Larry Harrop pictures

If you haven't already seen these, Larry Harrop has some interesting pictures of a place in CT called "Hazelnut Hill". [Click here] Includes Indian mortar stones and rock piles.


Anonymous said...

Amazing that there are mortar stones still to be found! That one is fantastic in its orginal position! Such a large and obvious Indian artifact all have ended up in collections. It must take will power to leave it be (I'm assuming Larry left it), knowing that someday, someone will unfortunately grab it.

Larry Harrop said...

The mortar was examined by the Ct. State Archaeologist and in his opinion, is genuine.
Unfortunately, the mortar was stolen.
There has been a lot of unauthorized ATV riding in the area.A new trail goes right by where it once was.I hope that whoever took it realizes what they have.
A family member of the original property owner remembers seeing the mortar as a young girl.
Her grandparents told stories of an Indian village nearby.
This land was recently sold to a developer. New roads have already been flagged.

Anonymous said...

Figures, such a beautiful site to be destroyed. Obviouly an indian village was once there. if any pre archaeology surveying was done they would have found the area rich in artifacts maybe postponing development? If not, you should do your own surveying and dig through a pile before they are destroyed? Or maybe you can be there documenting what they turn up when they bulldoze through the piles? Sorry to hear the news.