Friday, August 17, 2007

Some rock pile links (mostly in Georgia)

The Lolo Trail - rock piles in Nez Perce territory [Click here]

"It is not known exactly what purpose the "big piles of rocks" served but guesses have included wedding ceremonies, initiations and burial rituals" Big Canoe in Northern Georgia [Click here]

"Description of Gravesites: In the survey of the original site, thirty-four graves were marked by stones, eleven by rock piles, two by ..."

"Short but sweet! This ride through the Ag Center woods offers one surprise after another. Look for sudden drop-offs, log stacks, rock piles, laurel tunnels, a tough climb, and plenty of twisty turns. ...
From the guidebook "Off The Beaten Track Volume III: A Guide to Mountain Biking in North Georgia" [Click here]

"Strange rock piles....[Click here and scroll down]

Parks Strickland Rock pile site from "The Profile - Newsletter of the Society of Georgia Archeology" [click here for PDF]

Bonaire - Gravity Hill [click here]

Benton McKaye Trail - Springer Mountain to Three Forks "At one location Doug pointed out several large piles of stones which be explained were the graves of a Cherokee burial ground. We were very impressed and it did seem to us to be an unusually serene spot." [Click here]

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stonepilewhisper said...

That was a treasure hunt. I enjoyed the pictures from the Appalachian trail. That was an interesting stone pile.