Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Solitary Rock Pile - Davis Island, Maine

A reader write in:

I am writing for any information that someone might contribute to the attached photograph of a rockpile. This rockpile is on Davis Island, just off the coast of Port Clyde, Maine. It is located on the south side of the island at the highest point. The history of Davis Island reveals that it was very early inhabited by the
British family "Davis", was farmed, having stone fences in various locations on the island, and eventually
most of the family were killed by Indians. This rock formation appears untouched and only ten years ago was this island pruchased and the XXX family built a home and stay on the island a few months a year. We thought it might have been a staking of one's ownership of property?
If anyone can contribute to the origin of this formation or have any input, we would greatly appreciate your help. If you have any questions, please contact me.
I wrote back that, from the description, it sounded like the pile might have been placed on a headland and used by people out at sea as a location marker for triagulating position - a means of navigation. But I also asked for more information. I got this reply:

It is known that this rock pile is currently 5 foot tall. However, many rocks (of the same style, age and size) seem to have fallen downhill from this formation and are scattered closely around this pile (not shown in photograph). This fits with your theory that the pile used to stand taller. There are no other rock formations such as this on Davis Island, or around this formation to indicate a group of piles suspecting Indians, as you remarked. The farmer’s original rock fences do not butt up to this pile.

This rock formation is at the highest point on the East/Southeast point of Davis Island. Davis Island is off the coast of Port Clyde, Maine and is grouped with Monhegan Island, Burnt Island, and other small islands directly on the Atlantic….. and important as this was the harbor to the St. George River that supplied much to the colonies in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. It is known from history recorded that a Captain Waymouth anchored in this area – but just where? Perhaps this rock pile might give some insight.

So if any readers want to comment or find out more about this, leave a comment and I will pass it along.


JimP said...

You're probably right Peter. But there is also a possibility it could be a memorial pile.

davisisland said...

My uncle is the owner of the island. When I go up I will get some photos

davisisland said...
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Anonymous said...

That rockpile may be 400 years old. It is my opinion that Captain George Weymouth placed that there, to hold a large wooden cross. I think the memorial granite cross on Allen Island should have been placed on Davis.