Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More nice rock piles in the snow, from Carlisle, MA

I know it means little to just look at the pictures of rock piles. I wish I had something intelligent to say about them. The best I can offer is that this was a site where the underlying bedrock was exposed in multiple little ridges creating corridors between the ridges, set off here and there by rock piles with a strong sense of there being deliberate lines of site following the natural bedrock. Like the pig skull site (as I said) and like the site from Harvard where it seemed the outcrops blended in with artificial terracing. All similar ideas of incorporating the direction of the bedrock.

Anyway, here were some of the nicer piles:

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Tim MacSweeney said...

Well, why not look at photos of rock piles in the snow? I don't think the people who made them - or knew the ancestor who made them - or reveled in the mystery of "Who made them?" - ignored the piles just because of snow. Maybe They, like We, see something never noticed before. I felt a little awestruck at a similar place I thought I was so familiar with,up under powerlines no less,seeing and feeling a connection between outcrops, stone turtles and stone rows, placed there by people for probably multiple reasons.
It gives me a little charge to find that someone else somewhere else is finding similar things.