Monday, October 04, 2010

Brush Hill Sherborn - Appetizer

Another weekend, another hill, another cluster of rock pile sites.

Occasionally I bring my wife along on a weekend exploration, and she is getting used to driving for 40 minutes or so, parking, and walking up to a rock pile site. It took about a 15 minutes to start seeing rock piles this time. So I said: "the more I see these sites, the more it is clear that every undisturbed hill has one". I also said something about "south of the Mass Pike, going down into Rhode Island" because, honestly, most of the hills are undisturbed enough for my prediction to be correct. I would go further: these hillside sites all have the same basic layout and function. I know people will disagree with that. But there it is, it is my impression. I asked my wife what she thought and she said: "they are everywhere".

Actually this photo is misleading, it is a break in a delicate stone wall crossing a wetland. Not a rock pile.

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