Saturday, October 16, 2010

Turtle Rock Rosendale NY (Ulster County)

Just by chance I found this (looking for Wolf Rock in CT).
The caption reads: "I could not resist a picture of the "turtle rock" on Main Street"
- PHOTO TAKEN 2/22/02

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Geophile said...

I used to live within walking distance of Rosendale. I was told that this and the interesting stone configurations near it were left from mining or rock-cutting, but I don't know if that was fact or speculation. Interestingly, the very steep hill this backs up on is where the Shawangunks, which become the Kittatinny Ridge as they go south, begin or end, depending on your perspective.

There are at least two similar "caves" nearby. One must be very large because it is used for special storage. We used to yell "Feel the cave!" to our son when we went by in summer because the temperature difference was so marked, even on the road a little distance from the entrance. The other looked smaller and I just trespassed once to peek in a bit. Of course that was long before I stumbled on all this rock pile business.