Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More on Townsend State Forest

I have been meaning to write a little note about the last stages of my walk at Townsend State Forest. I went back to a site I know - on the south and east flanks of the highpoint along the middle forest road (here) and re-visited some old favorites. The pictures were cool (we'll see some in a minute) but I remembered that this site included some marker piles and I went wondering: triangular or rectangular? (The overhead outline of the wedged shaped marker piles I saw recently in Harvard and in -where was it-Tuttle Rd, Sterling was rectangular.) Yes there were some rectangular piles
but also some younger-looking triangular ones:I gotta make a distribution map sometime, including triangular/rectangular and the business with the "hollows" and "tails".

So that's it. Let's look at some pictures from the place.
Peter Anick would want me to mention that there was a boulder overlooking part of the site. This was a few feet from the boulder:I think we believe this is both a symbol as well as a location indicator.

Looking back:Someday, maybe someone will talk up there and take a look.

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