Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Saturday field trip to Leominster and the "Capital of the Inland Empire"

[Borrowed from Peter Anick's NEARA announcement]
Enjoy fall colors and cairns. Weather still looking good for Saturday.

[PWAX] will guide us through one of his favorite areas and offer his interpretation of the site. The first section will be relatively easy walking. Depending on interest and time, we will likely visit some other sites nearby in the afternoon. Bring all the usual stuff: lunch, water, sturdy shoes, bug repellant, cameras, orange vests (or bright colors).
> Meeting date time: Saturday Oct 23, 2010 at 9:30AM
> Directions to 1080 Mt. Elam Road, Leominster MA

> Note that there is no exact street address for our destination, but on Google maps, using the address 1080 Mt. Elam Road gets you pretty close. 1080 Mt Elam Rd is south of Rt 2 between the Rt 12 and Rt 31 exits. Because Mt Elam Rd is split by Rt 2, you can only get there when coming from the west on Rt 2.

> From the east: take Rt 2 to the Rt 31 exit, exit and then get back on Rt 2 and follow the directions below for coming from the west.

> Coming from the west on Rt 2: after passing the Rt 31 exit, take the second right hand turn onto Mt Elam Rd. Go all the way to the end (of the paved portion) and park.

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