Monday, October 11, 2010

Rock Piles Partridge Run NY

Reader Cully writes:

I thought I would send along some other rock piles that Linda and I came across in Partridge Run Wildlife Game Management Area. No. 1 is at N42° 33.942 W74°08.202. It appears to be dismantled on one side while the rest of the rock piles 2 - 5 seem intact.
#4No. 5 is the only one that seems to be rectangular and a few hundred feet away from the others.
The first 4 are only 25' apart from each other and almost cicular in construction. 4' in diameter and 4' high.

Update (further email from Cully):
The Yellow Diamond is where the Partridge Run Rock Piles are located. They are on a small plateau between a hill and valley, surounded by a rock wall. If the trees weren't there as I would imagine 100 years ago it would be a clear view of the rock piles and the valley.

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