Friday, November 26, 2010

Map of Praying Indian Village locations

From Vin Vullo of Acton:

Praying Villages here in Mass. If you see a use for the technology, please let me know.


Rob sirois said...

I had no idea the villages formed a pattern.

Norman said...

It would be interesting to know or see just where the various praying villages were on the 19th century maps provided. I didn't find the aerial photos of much help.

-Vin said...

Great idea. I'll add that, thanks.

JimP said...

According to the oral history that I learned from Natick Praying Indians, all sites for the Praying Villages were chosen by the Indians, and they were all sacred hilltop sites.

And I must know how your business got named. Is it located in Arlington?

Menotomy Vintage Bicycles said...

Yes, I’ve also read that they chose those locations.

Regarding the name ‘Menotomy’, yes it is the ancient Native American name for Arlington, MA.
I lived there for 12 years, about 20 years ago.

JimP said...

I did the research and wrote the definitive paper on the history of the word Menotomy and its meaning for the Arlington Historical Society. So naturally that word gets my attention.