Saturday, November 27, 2010

So-Called Matawini Site in Quebec

Just a couple of links for amusement over the holiday weekend. This fellow sent his pictures in to the Megalithic Portal along with some links and I was asked to have a look. Obviously there's over-the-top hype here and possibly actual insanity, plus it's clear that some of the stones, like the "obelisks," have been recently placed, since they are clean of moss and lichen.

Still, it appears there may be a site underlying it all. I've seen rock shelter-type things like he's calling a cave at some sites and he did come up with a fairly convincing turtle. I wish I could visit the place and look for the elements we're used to seeing. Here's a slide show and here's the main website. Yes, I realize it's completely wacked out, but just looking at the stones, what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Yes they're insane.

Norman said...

Crazy stuff, but there may be something to the "obelisks of the Altar" in front of the cave. The pyramidal stone on the right has moss on it, and others seems to have lichen. A closer study would be necessary.

pwax said...

I do not see anything in those photos that is necessarily man-made. Did I miss it? Otherwise it is a sequence of moss covered boulders brought forth with great fanfare.

I don't get it.