Saturday, November 20, 2010

Volvo Car Lot Edge

That stone mound with the white quartz is on top of this little hill.
45 years ago, my best friend's grandfather owned the property where I took this photo, the Chase Parkway Garage & Volvo Dealership. Back then this bulldozer edge was more like a junk yard. My buddy Cole Russo and I spent a good deal of time here, back when 10 year old kids were forced to rely on imagination rather than a video game system for fun.

Closer up, there's a remnant of a row of stone leading to an out crop of bedrock.
I think there's some animal effigies in this row, turtles yes, but perhaps a buffalo head as well. Up on top of that hill above the outcrop there's a larger group of mounds of all sorts as well as stone rows...
Low mound with quartz (two views) and a small manitou perhaps.

Above: mound, large boulder, and (if you look closely) an huge ancient oak tree...
At the Stop & Shop Edge, where that stone turtle with the golden quartzite head from a few posts back is, this stone row seems to point right at the old oak.  
I don't have a good cognitive map in my head yet, but I do have the 1965 aerial photo, but the left lower corner shows Grandpa Verrastro's Garage on Straits Turnpike in watertown CT, which is the modern version of what was called the Stone Path Highway back in 1700 or so. I include this info in case you might want to look at the result you get in directions from Chase Parkway Subaru to White Deer Rock Road in Woodbury. If you were to use that possibly stained white quartz in that mound as a direction pointer, the straight line "as the crow flies" takes you to White Deer Rock Road with an Indian legend similar to these:

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