Friday, November 26, 2010

Southern Nagog Hill, Conant Brook - Acton MA

Bit of a site there. Mainly interesting, to me, because I crossed a stone-lined brook from east to west to get to this little knoll. On approach, it seemed like an optimum sort of place to find rock piles.

Here is a view towards the rock piles from outside the stone-wall:Perhaps eight rock piles. These piles tended to have a single larger rock with smaller ones around:Like this:And these:I may have found this site long ago, or perhaps not. The woods are full of small white pine saplings and have a featureless lack of personality. Also there is a lot of unexplored woods in there.

A couple of other things from walking in this southern part of Nagog Hill. A wall corner pile:
I thought this next was interesting, a depression in the ground with a single small standing stone.
Like a grave.

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