Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quartz Stone

This reminds me of a light brown quartzite deer's head stone I left on a memory pile at the Institute for American Indian Studies in Washington CT.
And this one too:


pwax said...

That rock was used to pound something. I want to say: tree sap or blood.

Tim MacSweeney said...

So the color is a stain? I was thinking it was natural to the stone, a variation in color, pounded to show, it off, to resemble a white deer with a brown nose - like the nearby little turtle, chipped away for the quartz crystal head (a motif or style that, now that I'm looking for, I seem to be finding). Looking at a bing map just a moment ago, if I were to use the white stone to point me in a direction and fly like a crow, I'd end up above White Deer Rock Road, named for the herd of white deer sacred to the Indians, hunted only for a ceremony. Coincidence??