Friday, November 05, 2010

Walks in Estabrook

These woods were made famous by Thoreau. Ceremonial features are still pretty common there. For example a rock with quartz:The lower part has been burnt.The upper part hasn't.Some nice standing stones could be natural. Except I doubt it.
Rock-on-rock twins, each shaped from a flat plate of rock:My wife holds a giant puffball at the end of one walk:

On another walk in Estabrook, I was happy to find a new rock-on-rock at the western edge of Yellow Birch Swamp
And a new rock pile! At the top of the crab apple orchard north of Hutchins Pond.
Another view:


theseventhgeneration said...

That is the biggest puffball I've ever seen! Nice!

Geophile said...

You have to wonder whether Mr. Thoreau ever looked at this stuff and speculated.

pwax said...

He will have written about it. Someday his "Indians" book will come out and we can check.

Geophile said...

Right--that's what he was working on!

inc123 said...

We have found a series of rock piles in Middle Tennessee, near the AL line. Would you consider looking at some photos and giving an opinion if these are Native American or not-- or letting us call you? There is a series of piles on a hillside (mostly western). There is also a 10m circle recently found. The piles have not been mapped or anything, though there are a whole lot of them on this wooden hillside. There are some springs nearby. It is a Limestone area. Also it is about an hour from a well-known Indian site called Old Stone Fort in Manchester, TN.