Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More rock piles from Middle TN near the AL line

Reader Norden writes:

This one seems to be focal point, at top. However, there is at least one beyond it though the terrain dips a little.We will photograph the designation number with the pile- just by laying a sheet of paper/index card saying pile A, b1, etc. That way we can correctly match photos and designation.

More leaves so some we didn’t catalogue- couldn’t tell if natural or man-made. Also in the mid-70s so still poisonous snakes still out (one killed one of the goats this summer).

From the North series- looking up, I saw nothing of particular interest. The lowest N pile is not far from mnt edge looking down at run-off or a currently dry creek—but that was so obvious, I doubt anyone marked that…
Age of old road unknown, now cleared for horseback riding
[Added by PWAX: Look how the piles are rectangular with a square hole]Going back down hill, there is a crop of boulders—similar to one on next mnt. Just natural occurrence as far as we know. Have no clue if this is in any way related:RP terrain dip after the pinnacle one:

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pwax said...

Looks like an earthen mound in the last picture.

In any case I am impressed with the number of large rock piles that seem to have a familiar hollow in them. It is the "Wachusett Tradition" in TN. Taking another form there.