Thursday, September 01, 2011

English Wildlife Refuge - Dunstable, MA

Here is a little bend in the road near the meeting of Dunstable, Tyngsborough, and Westford. If you park illegally where I did, at the red dot, and walk eastward, then you come to a pond, which I guess is actually a brook dammed by beavers. Where the water comes in at "A" I stumbled across a few low rock piles, about what I expected. But what I was really hoping for was a rock pile with a hollow. I have been wondering if there is any "Wachusett Tradition" to be found here, since Blood Rd/Horse Hill are nearby to the west. After circling the "pond", I was sneaking back out between two houses when I did find a small rectangular mound with a hollow at "B". In fact there are two other very large mounds on this same slope that look like they were created by landowners dumping rocks there. Of course it is possible the dumps were put on top of old mounds. Like at the Livermore land last week, you cannot be sure. However, finding this biases the discussion:When I got out to the road, an angry policeman was there to tell me I should not park on the curb on a narrow road. That kind of hassle ruins a nice outing. But if you look at the map and poke around in "satellite view" it seems pretty clear that the same slope (with the large mound behind houses and the smaller one shown above) extends further east quite a ways and on into some interesting bumps and wetlands. You know where I am headed next.

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pwax said...

Found one more nice large mound, with a tail, in those adjacent places.