Friday, August 26, 2011

Selling spirituality: "Register by 9/9/11 and save $75!"

Just received this in the mail:

Medicine Wheel Intensive at Earthlands

October 14-16, 2011

Register by 9/9/11 and save $75!

I'm excited to invite you to a full weekend working with the Earth Wisdom of the Medicine Wheel.
It's time to activate and amp-up your connection with the earth and the elements. The medicine wheel is calling you!

The Stone Medicine Wheel at Earthlands will guide us through a deeply transformational experience. Shamanic journeying, listening, and walking with intention will reveal ancient wisdom.

Some of the information you will learn:
  • Remove struggle to live happier and healthier,
  • Negative stresses that cause illness and mental fatigue.
  • Clearly see your limiting beliefs.
  • Ancient, natural ways to mind, body, spirit healing.
  • Receive "Medicine Words"
  • East-mind; South-body; West-feelings; North-truth.
  • Simple ways to build your own Medicine Wheel.
  • How to open and close your sacred space.

"My use of the Medicine Wheel has kept me mindful of my highest personal aspirations" - JM


I am all in favor of trading in knowledge for some $$$, but selling spirituality, especially in the form of repackaged Native American archeological structures seems particularly unethical. I have heard Native Americans getting quite angry about it. I posted a comment on the NEARA message board, asking why the organization is sponsoring the "Megalithomania" conference, for the same reason. And most of the NEARA participants see no problem with this as a way of "spreading awareness" of the structures. Meanwhile, I try to stick with observations and speculations about what we can see.

I mean really?
"amp-up your connection with the earth??? Better to plod along in suburban stupor.

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Geophile said...

If you want to amp up your connection with the earth, why not try going out for walks wherever it is that you live and noticing the forms of the land, their relationship with sky, the water courses and the plants and animals for yourself?

Thanks for posting it.