Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Archeoastronomy Link

From "Laurel Hill Walks" [Click here]

Comment: It is very nice to see stone features receiving some attention. But the article appears to be saying that stone circles and archeo astronomy-related rock piles are 12,000 years old because they are found near flakes of jasper, related to Paleo Indian tool production. That does not pass even a basic sniff test. For example I have found Paleo Indian flakes in close proximity to a parking lot. Needless to say, the parking lot is not 12,000 years old.


pwax said...

I just want to comment on how popular Indian spirituality is. Add to it a little dash of sciencey sounding stuff and you have a winning combination for your narrative.

Menotomy Maps said...

I can’t speak to the scientific side of it, but I do find it difficult to not see an ancient spiritual aspect to locations like that.

pwax said...

I am being ambiguous. You are right about the spirituality but I think the science is being abused to give credibility to the spirituality.