Tuesday, October 04, 2011

West side of Dan Parker Rd - Groton, MA

(known sites in blue outline, new sites in red outline)

I have written a good deal about Horse Hill and Blood Rd on the Groton/Dunstable border here and etc. Thought I would go back and explore a bit further to the left hoping there would be more. There was, but it was a bit different. To the east, there were somewhat small rectangular piles with hollows, whereas to the west the piles were all messy and mixed in with what looked like quarry debris. But there were a couple of piles with good integrity and they were not rectangular and they did not have hollows. All in all a curious picture. There are apple orchards on the hill dividing east from west and I have no doubt that there was a good deal of historic period activity in this neighborhood that either was compatible with the rock piles or at least, that did not destroy them. I'll post a few other pictures later but here is the one I saw first. A pile in a corner between an outcrop and a stone wall:From one side:
A detail from the other side, with a quartz cobble:
Nice stuff. This is the Wharton Plantation (a tree farm) but it should all be a museum of the late woodland to historic period Indians.

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