Saturday, October 15, 2011

A real Colonial Root Cellar

A real Colonial Root Cellar
An Exploration of the Incredible Ancient Sites in Northeast America

by Hugh Newman (Originally printed in 'Mindscape Magazine', September 2011)

"...We then went on to Kent Cliffs in Putnam City, NY state. Here were several megalithic chambers similar to Calendar I that were just on the sides of major roads. If you stepped out of one of them in daze, it could be the last site you ever visit! It was dusk as we approached the first one that was on Highway 301 and took a few photos that immediately showed several orbs in them. Burke had photographed plasma bands at this one and it was constructed upon a negative magnetic anomaly......In Nineham State Park, just 100 yards from its entrance was a stunning chamber. It had a huge megalithic ceiling made up of magnetite with an 8ft wide menhir at the back. The chamber was approximately 25ft long by 10ft wide. It was dark and the camera picked up no orbs (probably because it wasn't raining - Tim) , but a major energy line ran through it with telluric spiral outside the door and zigzags of energy inside. Burke captured an infrared photo of a strange hovering ball of light that was invisible to the naked eye. He decided to place Iriquois Blue Corn seeds directly below where this orb was photographed to see if it would have any effect on them when grown. To his astonishment, a few months later he found that the seeds placed here for 75 minutes had a three-fold increase in yield, compared to controls (5). The whole area is a magnetic powerhouse with fluctuations in the geology stretching across the entire mountain area (6). This may be why there has been so many stories of strange lights and UFO sightings attached to this area. Phil Imbrogno collected hundreds of reports documented from 1983 to 1995, that ranged from colossal triangular crafts to smaller 'intelligent' lights that often travelled through the sky and landscape in groups. When they traced the source of where these lights originated, there would always be an ancient megalithic chamber to greet them.

Phil Imbrogno recounts a meeting with a 90 year old medicine man who was one of the last remaining tribes-people from the area around the the chamber. For centuries, the base of the mountain was the home of the Wappinger Tribe, who were part of the Mohegan and Delaware cultures (7). He recounts his initiation in the chamber in 1910 when his teacher told him about the strange men who arrived from the direction of the rising sun with faces of fire (ginger facial hair?) and eyes like the sky (blue eyes?). They were much larger than the local tribespeople and they were the ones who built the chambers. It is said the stones were moved with "spirit power and a great wind" and they would summon spirits (or orbs) to come into their fire circles. Then after a great exchange of knowledge they were gone and were fondly remembered by the tribes. (Imbrogio p.76). On his vision quest when he was upon the mountain for a few days, some lights circled around him which stood at a man's height and eventually formed into spirits who had long white hair and glowed with light. He also stated that he had an out of body experience and was able to heal a boy from a great distance. A similar encounter happened in January 1990 when a man was lost in a powerful blizzard and was fighting for his life. A circle of lights surrounded him and the next thing he knew, he woke up near the Rangers Station 45 minutes later (8). Whatever these light are they seem to be connected with the chambers and magnetic anomalies suggesting that they may act as 'portals' to other levels of existence..."
"Balanced Rock, North Salem, NY State – with huge orb (probably because it was raining - Tim)"!/notes/hugh-newman/a-megalithomaniac-in-new-england/10150410806625948

The October 2011 tour "visiting Balanced Rock in North Salem NY, Megalithic Chambers in Patterson NY, America's Stonehenge and numerous other fascinating sites that simply should not be there according to official academia!" Full Weekend Package Only $470!!!


Anonymous said...

Please note Imbrogno is possibly not the most reliable source. He has been shown to have faked his academic and possibly military credentials.

Article by Lance Moody:

Geophile said...

I would love to be at this gathering to hear what else is being said. Knowing what is being said about the sites by people other than ourselves could be helpful in the future. Of course, I love and collect off beat theories of all kinds. Not only can they be amusing but even when you don't believe them at all, they point out that facts can be put together to make different conclusions and warn against falling prey to favoring our own theories just because we like them.

Virginia said...

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