Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Split-wedged rock - Nashoba Brook, Acton MA

Explored a bit off trail, found ribbons marking this spot. Someone else had noticed it.
Nearby (the split-wedged rock is in the background) was this standing stone. Note the drill holes.Personally I am almost convinced that split-wedged rocks are deliberate doorways to the underworld. I don't have much evidence for this, it just seems like a lot of bother when the rock is first split deliberately, then wedged; unless the entire construction was of one purpose - to create an open split.

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Norman said...

The first photo shows two split-wedged rocks, and nearby was a standing stone with drill holes. Was there any evidence that the s-w rocks were drilled?

I agree that the splits are portals to the underworld. I also believe the wedges were donations.