Saturday, October 01, 2011

MHC Still Racist After All These Years

by JimP

Dear Massachusetts Historical Commission

We are reaching the two year mark since I sent off the above message to the Mass Historical Commission. I never received a response. Even worse, the offending information is still offered as fact on the MHC website. Even the link they provide to debunk stone piles is offensive to me.

Please join me by contacting the MHC at and telling them how offended you are, too.

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Norman said...

Yes, discouraging. I sent a letter to the MHC when that comment was posted in Terra Firma #5 in 2007. And like Jim, I never received a reply, but continue to receive gratis copies of the most recent Terra Firma. I'll write again, emphasizing that a number of prominent archaeologists now accept the fact that the Indians constructed with stone. Unfortunately, most of them reside out of state.