Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Eastern Esterbrook High Point - a new site (the videos)

Stumbled (literally) onto some near-completely buried rock piles, while exploring the north eastern edges of Esterbrook Woods on the Concord/Carlisle line. Some preliminary videos may give a sense of the place. Later I'll show photos showing these piles are evenly spaced and -sort of- in lines.
According to my theory of "marker piles", there should be some feature nearby that could cast shadows over the piles. Another video shows the slight valley or "dell" where I found the piles and I was thinking this place where the stone wall crosses a slight bump might have been that feature.
But across the way a level spot which is the high point of Eastern Esterbrook woods had a very nice elongated "mound" which, if there were no trees, would have been visible from a great distance. Perhaps its shadow would reach down into the dell but I do not think so.
Neat! that there would be such a fine mound at the highest point of
this part of Esterbrook Woods. Also it always nice to find a new site in my home town.

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