Thursday, September 19, 2013

Galway NY Rock Piles

Reader Jay C writes:
I have an area up here in Galway you might want to have a look at... 6 'burial piles' on top of a ridge of base rock. Mohawk flint & Herkimer diamond mining area.. 

Update: "Because this was a 'high traffic' Mohawk Indian hunting area, and also was part of the Mohawk to Northville native trail system (that eventually went all the way to Canada) There were a number of encampments near by, Some cliff carve-outs (Parkis Mills) and a flint/Herkirmer diamond mining area very close by. I have found 10 mounds so far.. I only ever thought there were 3."


pwax said...

Dear Readers: If you do not look closely at these pictures you will not see what they are about. For example this last pic is a "Fat L" of previous mention.

Unknown said...

The remainder of the photos, including a gorgeous pink garnet, and some very large stromatolite fossils are on my FB page..

FB: Xcamel