Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Comparison of Two RI Petroglyphs

By JimP

These two boulders are several miles apart from each other, but they both exhibit one similar characteristic. Pay particular attention to the thin, circular petroglyph on the upper left of each boulder. Both seemed to be created in an identical manner, and both share striking similarities with regard to alignment. More study is needed.


pwax said...

What is up with the iron oxide staining? It has to come from somewhere. I would be interested in what do geologists have to say about those rocks.

JimP said...

There is a closely guarded site in CT not too far away that has petroglyphs, and the staining on those rocks were confirmed to be iron-oxide. The experts who studied the area agree that the staining was likely created by red ochre paint. That same CT site also has many celestial alignments and is believed to be an agricultural calendar, but that conclusion is preliminary.