Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Some Alaska related links

by pwax
Searching the web so you don't have to. For the moment, I am looking for things about Alaska

Virginia's Rolling Ridge [Click here and scroll down] (yeah I know, that is not Alaska)

I suspected I could find an Alaskan Cairn if I kept at it. It is a fine photo. But hard to link to. Please click, and enter the search term "Cairn", then keep clicking on thumbnails till you get the full sized picture - it is worth it. [Click here]

"Serpentine Hot Springs, where shamans once trained, has long been recognized by Native Alaskans for spiritual and medicinal values. The nearby hillsides are dotted with the remnants of ancient stone cairns"
HMM? [Click here]

You probably already know about Inukshuk. We'll save that for another day.

[Click here]
More Science Frontiers. I missed this one yesterday - it is CT not Alaska.

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