Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Vermont Blanchard Stone - from Tim Fohl

The Blanchard Stone is described ([Click here]) as an example of Celtic Oggam (Ogham) in Vermont. Tim Fohl sent in some photos he took on a NEARA fieldtrip to see it. There was also a stone chamber nearby.

Here are views of the Blanchard Stone:

This is a very large quartz outcrop with some signs of human work:
This is the "backdoor" of a stone chamber by a spring downhill
from the
Quartz. It is located next to a wall running EW. Notably
there are no
stones nearby:

Here is the "front door":


pwax said...

That is certainly a interesting rock and evidently modified by man. Since this blog is not about European Diffusion and inscriptions, we'll leave the question of whether it really is Oggam for another day, another forum.

pwax said...

the blanchard stone is named after me as i am the one who brought it to warren cooks attention. the rock was on property that my uncle owned at that time. i thought the rock should be named after my uncle but warren said no because then people would know where it was and he was afraid of vandels. there is a place just up the road that maybe a stone chamber, one of the state archologist is going to look at it this spring. i remember one of my uncles had a funny habit. as we would all walk in the woods and would come upon a white rock and he would carry that rock and put it upon a larger rock or stump and so when ever i find that in the woods today i think of my uncle. and i can remember picking stones out of the plowed fields and loading them onto the stone bolt, then they were hauled away with the horses and dumped.
i will let you know what happens with the state guy.
jackie blanchard